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There’s no point in denying it: packing a suitcase is nothing short of art. The first rule is selecting what to bring in order to travel light and with style. Here’s a series of useful advices to pack the perfect suitcase.
First things first, optimizing spaces is fundamental, along with choosing garments both versatiles and refined. For instance, pants with pleat and adjusting internal laces are perfect for every occasion. These pants are made of light flannel, which means they provide shelter from heat and comfort in motion.
Shorts are also very comfortable, but they can be too casual for certain circumstances. That’s why you can switch them for shorts made of seersucker cotton: their unique wrinkled look, combined with the lightness of the cotton fabric, makes the seersucker the epitome of freshness and gives classic shorts an elegant appeal.
Another essential item is the safari jacket: it can enhance our looks when paired with a patterned shirt. Another option is a round-neck sweater, made of a cotton and linen blend, perfect to play with your style without taking yourself too seriously. Last but not least, a terry polo shirt: a more refined choice than your average cotton polo shirt. From a walk on the beach to a romantic dinner, the polo shirt is the ideal choice for the man who doesn’t want to give up his elegance even in a informal occasion.
A modern man can surely live his summer with levity and style with such fine garments in his suitcase.

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